Episode 33: Who owns larp ideas?

Who owns the ideas we come up with for larps? I’m not talking about intellectual property, but “the court of the community”. How much can you be inspired? How much is ok to copy? This is what I spend 12 minutes rambling about today

Episode 32: Cancelling larps (and replacing them)

Some reflections on what to do with a cancelled larp, based on what we’re doing with my cancelled larp project “Sweet Home Alabama”.

Episode 31: Social media in larps

Seven minutes on social media in larps. Not social media AND larps, but social media in larps. Not relevant for most fantasy games. :o )

Episode 30: We should have more larps on trains

Trains are wonderful larp locations. Why don’t we use them more?

Episode 29: Why I’ve failed at doing a podcast for a month

In this short talk, I rant about how easy it is to fall into the trap of “Could it better?” instead of just getting things done.

Episode 28: We need a conference for larp professionals

More and more of us are working with larp professionally, yet we don’t have a conference for larp professionals. That’s why we’re making one!

Episode 27: ‘The Line’ – a simple workshop tool

People have asked me to do some talks on actual techniques for larpmaking. This is one of those. It’s a simple tool called “The Line” that’s immensely useful for pre-game workshops.

Episode 26: Stand tall! You’re awesome.

We’re growing up as a scene, and sometimes that strikes me. Here, in this slightly incoherent three-in-the-morning walk through the streets of Oslo, I admonish you all to stand tall and hold your head high. Because you are awesome.

Episode 25: Nordic Larp Talks – the what and the why

One of the most interesting ressources available online, the Nordic Larp Talks (www.nordiclarptalks.org) are a collection of short talks on larp by international experts. Damn interesting, and 100% free!

Episode 24: Why Social Events Matter

During A Week in Norway, I recorded this short podcast on the importance of social events (while attending one, it must be said). The background cast includes both Germans, French(wo)men and Norwegians.