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Ulæst Tue, 23 Sep 2008, 11:21
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Standard The Preacher's Journal

Journal of the humble Osiah Mattella 2456799.M41

My thought for the day: To toil in the fumes of the Emperor’s furnace is my destiny forever.

Day 652

I find myself in a rare state of excitement. My time aboard the Eternal Tear has brought me ever closer to my destination, and if the Emperor wills it, my destiny. The troubled world of Fredor III fills the viewport of the bridge (where I have had the tremendous honour of spending several hours throughout my journey), and it fills my heart with devotion to know that I shall soon be there, doing my tiny part in bringing light to the darkness.

I have been awarded an honour for which I feel undeserving in the extreme. I thank the beneficent Emperor [without whom, there would be only sorrow] that I have been assigned to serve as spiritual preacher in one of the Penal regiments of the Fredor III task force.

I have prayed and fasted as penance for my feelings of pride, and underwent the deserved pains of electro-flagellation this morning to regain my senses, but I must admit I feel joy. The Imperial Penal Legions are festering cesspools of sin and lost souls – the dream-assignment of every Preacher of the Cult Imperialis.

But I must not forget myself! Again I wonder into the temptations of personal ambition.

Osiah, you may have walked on the soil of many of the Emperor’s worlds, but you are still a hot-blooded apprentice at heart! I will report to the Confessor’s chamber later and confess my wicked thoughts. The searing pain of his whip will clear my mind.

The other Preachers on the
Eternal Tear have commended me in congratulatory terms on my assignment. It seems the Penal Legion I will be serving with is a relatively small unit that will be at the very front, seeing a lot of the Heretic filth that plague the planet.


Emperor! How I hate them.

Indeed I have never seen them, but I hate them with all my heart. I hate them for what they stand for, and what they are. Rotten from the inside out with the excrement of the false gods they worship. Pulsing and writhing with unclean thoughts – nay, unclean souls!

I feel comfort and warmth in the knowledge that they soon will burn. Burn and be forgotten, for to live without the Emperor, is to declare oneself a non-person.

I shall do my duty and instil the hatred I relish in my men, the scum of the Penal Legion, soon to be forgiven through fire and battle. No matter what their crime, their salvation lies in waiting, and it shall be my task to help them find it.

The klaxons are ringing now. It is time to muster in the docking hall, where I shall join my Ecclesiarchal brothers in the landing boat that will take me on the final part of my journey.

My satchel is packed, and I am versed in the Catechism of Hate. I am ready.
My next entry in this journal will be from Fredor III.

- Robin Daniel Espersen (AKA Preacher Osiah Mattella of the Holy Order of the Emperor's Ecclesiarchy)

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Ulæst Tue, 23 Sep 2008, 23:11
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The Emperor loves you, Robin... and may he grant us all further insight into this diary... (which may contain more pages later on, I'm told)
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